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Kenneth [copenhagen]


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  1. Damn good mix!! Check it out…

  2. I am shocked that no one else has commented on this set!! You have got to listen to this!

  3. aight kenneth does the trick

  4. sehr geil…

  5. …stimmt!!!
    Mal wieder ein Sahnestück aus der Beta-Lounge 🙂

  6. hmmmm…sooo good!!!

  7. cada vez que tengo que asegurarme de escuchar un buen rato de musica vuelvo por sobre kenneth


  8. Fantastic mix
    What is the track begining at 44 mn

  9. Liking the feel of the tune at 1:28. I hope it picks up from here.

  10. Anyone know the tune at 2:19.
    It did kina pick up but is it just me, a tune comes on in a mix and you feel the pace picks up. You’re looking forward to the next tune as you expect the momentum to gather only the dj brings it down a notch or puts some dogy electro remix on. Kinda lets me down sometimes.

  11. Got ta love the sound at 2:36. That noise always gets me.

  12. To biltricks1


    The track your asking for (from beginining of the mix to abt 3mn) is on Echocord Label release number 2

  13. Kenneth, you da man! Way to lay down that Robag Wruhme remix of Easy Woman @ 1.12. I love that tune. And always a seamless mix.

  14. hvad sÃ¥ der dit sure løg, svedigt set…

  15. Still no idea regarding track at 44mn ?

  16. dricse tu l aurras jamais ce mrcx ah ah ah !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ive been listening to this set for over 2 years and ive yet to get tired of it. just thought id share.

  18. solid, consistent mix from start to finish. very enjoyable. good, minimal, bubbly techno. funky and rhythmic. misses at times by throwing in a few big room, trance-like/poppy vocal dance tracks. other than that, one of my favorite beta lounge sets.

    keep it minimal, techy and funky y’all.


  19. Solid and smooth.

  20. what a deep track starting at around minute 37 …! Does anyone know something about it?

    Thanks, Greets from Graz, GreB

  21. This is still a favourite after a couple of years! Kenneth also goes by the name Ned Flanders back here in DK (check out his label Echocord for a taste of what he’s doing – fx the first track with the announcer’s voice over it is by Mikkel Metal out on that label).

    Awesome set at this awesome site…

    PS. I’m in no way involved in the label or anything – so this is NOT written for commercial reasons but meant as info for musiclovers………

  22. This really is worth checking out.

  23. reminesing……still nice..

  24. Flot set Kenneth, elsker den der kommer ind ca. 37 minutter ind

  25. Super dope set!

  26. amazing. Last time I checked this set out was in 2005 and it’s still getting love today! About to dive in again.

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