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Turner [ladomat 2000]


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  1. v v quality! if you liked the lawrence sets then this should stir you somewhat

  2. Great set!

    What are those two tracks Turner drops between about 58 minutes and 1:07. The first is a really swinging almost err ragtime rythym and the second has some really nice detrioitish string drones. I’ve got a feeling I own the track, but I can’t remember what/where. Please help.



  3. This is great! Turner rocks… You should listen to this!

    Wish I knew what the track was starting around the 12 minute mark…I love that light and airy feel.

  4. really fantastic. great tracks, great mixing. perfect minimal set.
    thx betalounge for the hours of finest elctronic beats

  5. uberfantastisch

  6. excelente
    one of my all time favourites
    mini mini full of delicius air in between.
    sunday afternoon in bern switzerland sitting on a balcony looking at the trains pass by.

  7. excellent music!

  8. masterpiece


  10. always incredible =D

  11. Thank God for this!

  12. yes … this is amazing

  13. ‘Our guest today..Turner’

  14. ha !!!! yes !!!!

  15. still the best šŸ™‚

  16. Timeless! Chilling by the campfire in a hammock with the bluetooth speaker fired up!

    instagram @alancostarica

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