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Hamburg-City sessions with DJ DSL


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  1. This is one of my original favorites here. DJ DSL is off da chains…

  2. what’s that rockin’ german rap at about 122? – ‘und so weiter’? anyone know who is behind this? who owns that voice?!

  3. hi simon, it’s ‘undsoweiter’ by eins zwo taken from their second album ‘zwei’. the mc is dendemann. unfortunately they have split up but both bandmembers have their solo thing going. dendemann has relased a solo ep half a year ago, the eins zwo records (two full length albums and several ep’s and 12’s) are still available on yo mama records. check dendemanns website for further details there is also a nice set from dj rabauke and dendemann in the beta lounge archive back from 2000 at popkomm.

  4. hey heikohamburg, thanks for that info. i’ve had no joy tracking it down on vinyl. any ideas?

  5. wow.. this made me want to eat bratwurst and drink becks.. awesome.. das is gut.. real gut..

  6. Word Off the Meat RACK this Set is ILL MATIC ,
    this NASTY GERMANS dont PLAY
    DR Tipsy

  7. hej! whats the rocking theme at 1:37:00 \”if you feel a good vibe in the atmosphere relax wer\’e here\” really need to know. this is one of my all time favourite sets at betalounge

  8. @seco

    It is : Fresh Mode by Ugly Duckling

  9. @seco
    sorry I did confuse the tracks it should be : “We’re here” by Ugly Duckling

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