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DJ Koze [International Pony]


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  1. still love this set… has anyone an idea about the wonderfull track on 1.22h???? what the hell is it???

  2. have no idea… love this set as well… saw him (dj koze) dj and play live (with International Pony) last weekend in (former) east germany…. (melt festival) and it rocked like hell

  3. COSE COSE ROXX YOUR SHIT OUT OF YOUR ASS! saw him kompakt´s 100release party, hell yess! nice set

  4. I was there too, fantastic party – and I confirm that Koze rocks! only, no need to be so vulgar 🙂

  5. I was there: Köln 2004 at the Kompakt 100 party when Reinhard Voight tried to kill me… still Koze moved my bowels like nobody’s business, and he was grinning the whole time. That fucker!

  6. yeah in your element. hehe

  7. fucking test

  8. CHEERS UP 2 MR.KOze!!Wish to see you in NYC one day!! WHAT is the rockin’ track up in 1:46???? If that dont get’ya movin…I dont know what will……


  10. even 5 years later it still rocks so hard…

  11. just great …

  12. nice MIX!! especially using japanese tracks! does somebody know track at 1:00:00? this is really cool track! die to know!!!

  13. That Track around 1:00:00 is Ursula Ruckert \”7\” in a Doctor Rockit Rekiss Remix. Greetings from Hamburg

  14. first heard this when it was first posted. just came back after a few years…still one of the best sets ever. i own a lot of it on vinyl now and blame you, betalounge.

  15. 12einhalb Jahre her, endlich gefunden…

  16. und auch 2018/2019 immer noch einfach nur KLASSE!

  17. Still Here!

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