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Disco D


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  1. if you wanna get jiggy let me see you shake them titties.

    shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.

  2. you mean……if you think you jiggy lemmie see you shake them titties….shake, shake, shake, ect..

  3. if dat pussy fat lemme see you pop that gat

  4. gimme da keys to da whip. bashful knows what im talkn bout.

  5. any insight from veteran techno fans on this mix?? I’m not sure exactly what to think. It certainly is unique.

  6. If i had one.. my pussy would have been considerd werked….

  7. fine detroit booty tech house.

  8. whoa! someone somewhere in that set was talking about cats and booty.. are they animal lovers and pirates? whoa! some bangin choons anyways.. even if they want to go on and on about cats and how to feed and touch cats and about large treasure and warm treasure and shaking treasure…

  9. Disco D AKA Dave is a great friend of mine from college – and one of the finest creators of GhettoTech. Great to hear it!

  10. good god man!

    I have been revisiting this stream for years, you are a good man Disco D.

  11. Wicked stuff!!! Turntable master Disco D.

    Where is more stuff like this available?!

  12. You can hit up Disco D’s website at or you can get the low down on all things ghetto at Also, has a few different mix cd’s available. Or, My personal preference is to go find some swinger or strip club somewhere in the ghetto and get some JIT WORK like its meant to be got!

  13. We will certainly miss you man! I guess the afterlife needs ghetto dj’s too! Rest in Peace Dave.

  14. !!! RIP DISCO D !!!

    Went down to Miami a month back and loaded up on ghetto tech, booty bass vinyl. This set is such a gem in BL’s archives. I remember checking out this set when it was put up originally in 2001.

  15. I am sad that you are not with us anymore Disco D. Ghetto tech is becoming popular here in Sweden.

    \”let me see you shake them titties\”

    RIP dude

  16. Three years since you left us and we\’re still missing ya. I feel lucky that betalounge has kept this set up and going.

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