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Alex Attias live from Köln


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Alex Attias plays the sixth of a series of 8 cooperational shows between Levi’s Engineered Jeans and Beta Lounge Germany. Also in this series: DJ Dick, Adam Goldstone, Recloose, Charlie Dark, Isolee, Jan Jelinek, Mannequin Lung (Headset), Don Shtone (Sven Dohse), Modaji & Viktor Duplaix. Check the – ENGINEERED – link to the right form more images, info etc…



  1. Rich here all the way from El Paso, Tx.
    Scrolling down the past shows and I just heard this mix my ALex Attias, nice! Old or new mix it rocks. Exactly my style of house.

    One thing though, I have got to get the title and artist on the the track playing at approximately 2:20.58. Man! I need that track. It rocks!!!

    Please, someone respond.!!

    All the way from E.P town,
    K-Krew Kollective
    Synergy Studios

  2. hi rich, it’s osunlade, can’t remeber the title, but it’s taken from his album which came out on soul jazz rec. back in 00 or 01…

  3. listened to this for thirtytwo hours straight.. i had an erection for most of that time… this is the funk. the soul and the jazz that i want to ejaculate.. man.. this is the shit… yeah..

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