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Recloose live from Hamburg


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Recloose plays the fourth of a series of 8 cooperational shows between Levi’s Engineered Jeans and Beta Lounge Germany. Also in this series: DJ Dick, Adam Goldstone, Isolee, Charlie Dark, Alex Attias, Jan Jelinek, Mannequin Lung (Headset), Don Shtone (Sven Dohse), Modaji & Viktor Duplaix. Check the – ENGINEERED – link to the right form more images, info etc…



  1. first set i listen on beta lounge. it’s not a surprise but recloose kill it again
    i don’t understand . it’s five hours set?

  2. Does anyone know the vocal track around 37.00? I can’t get enough of this guy, my fave !!!

  3. Recloose kills it again. Anyone know where he’ll be at this summer?

  4. April 16 he’s here, in Sydney! Cant wait :>

  5. sydney April 16th? where at, has anyone heard his new album?

  6. Anyone know the song at opening..?

  7. THE best set I ever heard. Respect to Recloose.

  8. I know the other engineered broadcast sessions with Mannequin Lung/Jan Jelinek/etc…

    But this one is also great. Excellent grooves with very difficult and dirty mixings. I like the oldschoolysh mixing style. Sometimes you don´t know which track is running now or if it´s a new track, who comes in. Different Styles, Stunning Mix!!! 2010!!!

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