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Triple Threat DJs Vinroc and Apollo


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  1. love it

  2. starts off with some smoov maspyke, alkoholiks, kweli, etc, then goes upbeat from there with good select krs one, rah digga, gangstarr, well just listen, the mixes and cuts are candy for your ears, you’ll see what I mean, good material.

  3. I really love listening to this music. It is absolutely wonderful. There is really nothing about this music that I don’t love.

  4. ah mean… i love listening to westcoast underground hip hop!! They got so much soul and funk.

    Bay area DJ’s are my fav’. Damn i didn’t know Vin Roc and Apollo were so good at mixing as they are at scratchin snd juggling…

    Thanks for having this site up betalounge! I’m a newbee here so..


  5. i love how long the penises are from the west coast.. man it converts into the best hip hop.. its just that the length of penis is so goood.. like the beats.. long, smooth and sexy beats and penises.. what a combo…

  6. yeah… you are just to cool to be real mikerism…. fool

  7. This is one of the best sets in the archive. I am trying to find out two tracks J-Boogie uses: the first he mixes in around 7:12, after Pharcyde’s ‘Devil Music’. The second comes about 30:20. Thanks and big up BL crew…

  8. Man, what’s so totally uncool here is the way -someone- is so down on the way mikerism enjoys the beats. This is about community and tolerance, especially of those who feel their funk in a deeply sexual way. If it says long schlong to mikerism, then who are we to judge, even if it says more soft juicy flange to us. Murdoch, you are teh fool, tool.

  9. No doubt rezn8r. Peace.

  10. Haha thanks for that one raz. lets all get together and hug eachother while singing and dancing, allso let’s drink milk that wil be nice for our tummy!! yuk yuk your such a joker.
    cant belive i actually replied that one. had forgotten all about this thread

  11. man i’ve been listening to this set for 3 years and it never gets old. hmmm… maybe a playlist would be nice (cough, cough).

  12. No playlist but the track I was looking for around 30:20 is ‘Tale’ by Ty & the Semi-Automatics, mixed by DJ Cam on ‘Honeymoon’.

  13. hahaha.. thats right.. hip hop ya dont stop.. one for the trouble..two for the bass.. im so tough and cool and listen to hip hop.. and you know what. this is a killer set.. get down..

  14. murdoc is a baby who likes milk and cuddles.. he wants to bring everyone down on betalounge to his baby level..but thats cool.. because i love these beats so much that i can help him.. come to papa..


  16. props to you walker!

  17. Sick set. I have played this set too many times. When can I get this set playing in my car. Keep up the hard work.

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