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DJ Dick [Rockers HiFi] live from Hamburg


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DJ Dick, aka Richard Whittingham plays the first of a series of 8 cooperational shows between Levi’s Engineered Jeans and Beta Lounge Germany. Also in this series: Isolee, Adam Goldstone (Tiny Trendies), Recloose, Charlie Dark, Alex Attias, Jan Jelinek, Mannequin Lung (Headset), Don Shtone (Sven Dohse), Modaji & Viktor Duplaix. Check the -Engineered…- link on the right for more images etc…



  1. that was a great allnighter in hamburg in a great loft space with a fireplace, full bar and couches. check out the first hour coming live from san francisco, then switching over to the hamburg crew.
    DJ Dick goes on about 3:35:00.

  2. Wow ! realy nice set

  3. monster set…

    does anybody know the track at 1:53:..??

  4. rockin it to the point where my shirt flew off and i was topless and groovin infront of my friends and i just didnt care.. get loose with this set.. and then remove yoru clothing…

  5. gschmeidigs blechle!

  6. Havent listened to this set inna while,
    Beautiful setting – couches – tasty selections
    sounds like if i were there it wouldve been one of those memories to remember.

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