This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Kerri, Theresa


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  1. mashed up and mixed like a toilet after a curry.. but funkier.. its a beautiful thing that the sexy kerri and theresa do.. marry me ladies.. lets elope to a country that enjoys polygamy.. or to utah.. or maybe not utah.. maybe rural australia..
    its the funk that gets you right into the crotch..

  2. was that toilet stuff supposed to be a compliment?? please! this is one of my fave betalounge shows. and im not just saying that. respect.

  3. This one is old but I always come back to it. smoot nice grooves laid out with that feminine finesse the ladies got it going on..

  4. COOL Y’ALL! Glad you liked it! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit haven’t listened to this in YEARS. ATL GIRLS IN THE HOUSE!

  5. yeah yeah … shout out to my peoples …. much love ladies

    josh (etss)

  6. anything to do with a toilet is a compliment… i love you ladies… i bring the bubbles, you bring the bath.. later that funk…

  7. definately makes me miss ATL.. nice set.


  8. Hey Teresa, do you stil spin in the ATL? I live in East Atlanta Village and would love to hear you and Kerri live1

  9. can someone pleeeease tell me the name of the track at 1:03!!!

  10. i believe thats groove armada for the northern star album .

  11. How about the track that starts at around 1:02:23? Who\’s that?

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