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  1. Tracks are sick and have a tranch type affect.

  2. one of my fav set´s, why mixmaster morris hasnt updated his site like in 5 years????????? he is good cheers

  3. Intelligent ambient with a smidgen of fun and frolics Emotional yet uplifting ADE UK

  4. Man, what are you guys talking about!? This is COOL Stuff!!! its one of my first Beta experience, and im hooked since then. Viva Ninja and Morris!!

  5. this is one of the best sets in the entire beta lounge archive if you ask me. spacey, dubby, and totally beautiful.

  6. This is the best EVER!!!

  7. A brilliant set with really much (e)motion in it! 🙂 GreB

  8. I love this set but check out this one as well which has pipped it to the post for me. If you have Real it’ll play it direct otherwise you’ll have to download. Hope you lovers of Morris love this:) Yo!

  9. Oh my god! This set is so amazing. It’s chill and bumpin’ and beutiful, all rolled into one. I’ve listened to this piece more than any other dj set on the web.

  10. this set is so solid.


  12. I totally agree. This set is a peace of art, so to say. Thanks Betalounge. The thoughtthat some people wanted to close you down is really terrifying 🙂 Peace /Sondre, calling from Skandinavia

  13. top mix nice one beta lounge!!!!

  14. Beautyful aural entertainment! Lean back and become Ninja …

  15. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve listened to this set. Pure bliss each and every time i hear it. Let the world know the genius of Mixmaster Morris!!!

  16. i must say that this set makes me want to damn skippy stuck on the moon till the sun rises

  17. absolute kudos! definitely not to be missed. good vibes over and over…through and through

  18. I’ve listened to this set countless times and shared it with so many others. Another amazing mellow set by Morris. Thank you! I was also curious about why he doesn’t update his website. I used to love discovering the records he recommended! A man of great taste, indeed!

  19. Beyond, man. Mo knows how to set up a real mind groove, use it to hypnotize you, and freak it every now and then just to wake you up 😉 . Makes me want to play it while I’m sleeping so I can have great dreams. Any other DJ sets in the archive that come close to this? Or does he have a monopoly on bliss?

  20. Mixmaster, you tha man!!! Amazing. Heard him live once, blew my mind…..

  21. I’m just listening to this set for the zillionth time. Sublime music. I wonder if I’ll ever tire of it …? I somehow doubt it. MMM, if you’re out there reading this, or anyone else for that matter, do you have a set list for this – there are some beauties I’d love to get my hands on.

  22. This is truly an audio treat. I mean he dropped some Brian Eno in the mix for god’s sake!! To sum it up: beautiful, heady, emotional, sexy…deep. I’ve listened to this countless times in my office. It never gets old. Thanks for sharing Morris! BL folks, what about hitting up Roman from Moon Tribe (LA) to drop a set on this site? Keep rockin’ those slow dubs for us old guys! -Maffle

  23. hello! anyone knows what’s playing about 14 min into the set, song goes until about 17th min, spaced as space…(: plz post info if u know about this one track

  24. general motors futurama exhibit intro [29:09 into set] the following track [29:53 _ 34:39] who is that? Please advice … found plej and ulrich schnauss [pardon any mispelling, gott vin] and would like to get this, if you advise you will get 3 wishes [be careful what you wish for] _takk fyrir, je elsker deg … the entire set is liike childhood, full on fluid flow … a perfect moment in time, yes really …

  25. Hei dodtov, 14 minutes into the set is Ulrich Schnauss, you can find it easily on Amazon …

  26. tnx jokull 🙂

  27. sigh.. how good? sooo good.. nuff said? not sure about that.. downtempo with A grade class… i love you morris.. and i have to say..something very special happened to me.. kind of like a wet dream but very wide awake.. thanks morris.. thanks so so much…

  28. :ekketh mal dodtov:

  29. very very niice, one of my fave beta setzz, i met morris once..he talks alot ….

  30. Quality set

  31. 大地、水、山、空、雲、太陽、宇宙・・・・・・無限に広がる音楽の喜怒哀楽

  32. my fave set on here…… keep playing it and playing it over and over and over again….. cant get enough of it. wish he would play up here in Australia

  33. totally kickass dudes

  34. Played this set a few times – brilliant. I used to go to Lost parties in London for years and never listened to his sets in the second room, now I feel like I’ve really missed out. Anyone know what the piano track is just after Lava by Boozoo Bajou and before the General Motors section? Sounds like the Orb but could well be mistaken.

  35. yeah, me and ma girl are listening to this, done some sniffy sniffy, all good , woohooooooo

  36. hello there, does anyone know the track at 01:48 ? – it´s great!

    • Absolutely agree. 01:48:00-01:53:00 This is a banging track (just before Eno Ending). Reminds me of CBL and Ultimae stuff, but earlier! Beautiful and musical. I also love track at 0:42:30-44:00. No idea about either. If anyone has I’d love to know.

      Ghost Cauldron ft Apani — Whole World (Pulsinger Rmx) @ 0:45:00-0:46:30

  37. Can anyone id the track at 00:10:03 – mental smoothness with a flake!

  38. Very chill. I likey! I’m obsessed with the track that starts at 1:47:34!! Anybody know the name? It’s AMAZING!!

  39. Track at 10:03 is Brian Eno – Ascent

  40. Hello everyone, glad you enjoyed this set! I havent been on this site for about 3 years so I was suprised to find it still up! The link here is to my old site which is totally defunct… you can find me nowadays at There are lots more of my sets to download at this link… And I have a new mix CD coming out soon – NUBIENT NUGETS vol 1, from theAgriculture label in NY.

  41. Jokull : the track at 30 mins is REI HARAKAMI from the album Unrest (Sublime recs) He is my favorite Japanese electronica producer ….

  42. Thanks now I got my Mixmaster fix!

  43. Mixdownloads is going members-only i think so SAMURAI FM is the next best place to hear my shows…

  44. Smoothest mix ever, especially the first hour. I’m looking for the name of the track on 45mins. A whole tracklist would be better though. Peace.

  45. does anyone know the track at 2:08:51-? what’s the title of movie? tell me………

  46. Amazing set ,one of the best chillout sets i have heard Thanks so much Master Mixmaster morris for this one 🙂 Cheers Abdri Mar /Reykjavik/Iceland

  47. Takk fyrir Herr Mix Master. Thanks for the brilliant set to. Happy summer 2008!!!

  48. Hey Ayamos… the film track you wanna know the name… Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) no less…

  49. Does anyone know the fantastic slow (and in my opinion getting more powerful thanks to great effects!) jazz instrumental track beginning at 2h22min50s? I just can\’t get enough of it! 🙂 Thank you Mixmaster Morris for this wonderful set! The tracklisting is also immense GreB from Graz

  50. Does any folk know the track at 1:07:00. G.Peterdom played it about 10 years ago and its bugged me ever since! plus the one that follows iz rather sweet at 1:11:43. The sets Gem… chers mr.morris

  51. @mendoza: Oh yes, you are absolutly right, this tracks are genius! I am also very interested. I identified three tracks: 2h30min48s Space Raiders – Beatiful Crazy 2h34min27s Sly & the Family Stone – Thank You For Talkin\’ To Me, Africa (but with speed very pitched up, or maybe a re-edit?) 2h41min:00 Sun Ra Arkestra – Nuclear War (the 12 inch was recently on ebay and i missed it … 🙁 ) GreB from Graz

  52. 1:53:20 Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

  53. 1h53min54s 6th sense – Illusion (Irresistible Force Mix) on Joint records. Puh, that took me about 4 and 1/2 years to identify it. Even 4 years ago when i met Mixmaster Morris in Graz and asked him personally i didnt found out. First i asked him about the track, then i tried to sing it. 🙂 I dont knów if he recognized it (altough i have a beatiful voice … 😉 ) He gave me a hint, but i had nothing to write. Thank you anyway Mr. Morris! The little chat with you was great and i will always remember that night. Peace from Graz, Gregor Btw: i still got the photo of you and me.

  54. a really amanzing slowtempo soundmix with very unknown musicpieces from oh.. }:-o ..the outerspace? I listen things, what I never heard until today. Thanks to Mixmaster Morris. You has got Mastership !!

  55. ther is way too much of this… i say wher eto put the dot dot dot… keep killing me

  56. I also remember sitting on the floor at a roller skating rink…. one of the best time s of my live I love dave me too. love generator

  57. could i please sit on the floor and listen to you some more? maybe i dont rate but so do you.

  58. I remember in ’03 sitting long hours at night programming and listening to this album. PURE, seamless, + genius. I always check back to betalounge just for this. Thank you Betalounge. Thank you MMM.

  59. Yonyonson, that’s so great! I remember the same sort of thing – I even see my comment about this set from ’04! Wow, where has the time gone? Many great performances over the years, but this one stands the test of time.

    Could we ever get MMM to come back to Betalounge for an encore?! Thanks, Betalounge! We are still loving you from Austin, Texas!

  60. 2016 and I’m still coming back for this set once in a while.
    One of the best work around. thank again MMM

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