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Dr. Rock vs. Sasha & Zeb


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  1. Funky as Shit

  2. i am not so sure how funky shit is.. but i know that my shit is rather dark and deep and delicious.. so maybe thats what its all about.. all i know is.. i took three very large enjoyable stools throughout this set and i am certain i only have dr rock and his sidekicks to thank.. so thank you.. your music rocks me to my bowels..


  4. Damn good taste of music!.. good mixing.. very inspirational… Hope to stream more from them!

  5. is this sasha from stoke uk? If it aint him, why aint it him? Betalounge u been rockin my world since ’98. Still this is a nice smooth mix

  6. just got my computer back up and running, and this set is the first one i’m coming back to

  7. I don’t know how many times coming back to this set.
    And I love Organic groove.

  8. mori mori mori mori mori

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