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Titonton Duvante, DJ Anna


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  1. one of the best sets i’ve had the pleasure of listening to at betalounge, i regularly dig it up again!

  2. Titonton is the man. I saw him live at the DCMF a few years back. one of my favorite sets I have heard.

  3. I gots a lotsa laundry done with dis on…good workin’ groovin’ tracks,
    especially during folding of breeches, sorting of suspenders, socks, soul food stains
    all ovah…best greasy music website, keep goin’ betalounge!

  4. wow.. thats uncanny.. i was ordering my immense pair of sexy underwear while listening to this set.. my favourite moment came when as i folded my mesh yves saint laurent bikini briefs an amazing track was dropped and i had to stop and refold.. amazing! what a set that could distract me from the pleasures of mens lingerie!

  5. Anone know the track at 1:20??

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