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Si Begg [Digital Convenience Vol 4]


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  1. I can’t believe there have been no posts about this set. This is an awesome stuff. It is sample-ridden and consits of techno and breakbeat grooves. Why aren’t more people producing fun dance music liek this.

  2. funky, eclectic, super!

  3. this is totally fun… i love how he chops up pete tong

  4. I enjoyed this set. Gotta love these archives!

  5. …what’s there to say or add or whatever, when this name shows up?!?

    Nothing.. start with go & take a listen (lesson) first!

    i’m ready for this next one (without a doubt) and i WILL like it! šŸ™‚

  6. He’s got a real sense of humor, along with the tremendous mixing!!!

  7. ….check out those Noodles Foundation records, they’re hysterical & great. I don’t know why DIRECTOR’S CUT was so humorless, maybe being on a major label brought him down.

  8. who know the track what begins in the 27 minute?

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