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Beige [Digital Convenience Volume 3]


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  1. beige-a-licious, how much beige can you handle? .. its the beige that moves me man.. i just du-bop-sha-wah-wah get down man….

  2. me, i’m more about the brown and the yellow. oh, and the tittehs. tooch me tittehs, loov.

  3. hey man, you got it goin on yeah.. i love the tones and shades of badda-brown and oh-oh-ochre man.. yeah cool .. and the tittehs man… and the tittehs.. yeah… touch em man..

  4. hey man what i’m really about is the Triassic 7 and their DJ Cute Chemise. I saw their show last weekend and it blew me away man. then i went home to manly and had so many bongs.

  5. i just do that peeeyoooow-pingers and go bam-bam-bam in my head man.. do-bop-dopearama man is the shiiiiit.. yeah so im gonna wear my mad jeans and my puffy skater shoes and just dah-dah-bah-dah-dance it up man…. thats just the shit i do-bop-do dude.. gimme the roosts any day man i love dem and penis butter woof.. dope shit man, dope

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