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DJ Fluid, Nickodemus, Said


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  1. quite good and original, one of the best sets in this archive – Fluid that is

  2. I’ve been listening to Fluid’s set for 3 years now. It never loses its luster. A must, if you need a nice long pick-me-up ;-)!

  3. At what point does Nickodemus start?

  4. Turns dubtempo/ breakbeatey @ 1:47 hr.

  5. break doesn’t last long though. Back to tribal and house @ 2:08 hr. This entire set is great, smoothe mixing, all good music, deep and soulful. BETA ROX!

  6. i was hoping that said was the same said from Oz who led the Muslims through times of woe in Oswald State Pen.. but sadly.. alas.. it is a different one who djs here.. although his beats are uplifting…

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