This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Audio – Expo2000 show with Ken Ishii, Kit Clayton, Sven Väth


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The biggest public Beta Lounge event so far. Three musicians, one in Tokyo, one in Hannover, one in San Francisco. all live connected via ISDN (sound & image) and streamed out to the beta lounge audience. Video projected on a 90 foot artifical waterfall to a live audience of 8000 people. A total of 32,000 people witnessed this event live and on the net. Can’t pay for that kind of stuff. Thanks again to everybody who helped … hey, that was 2000.


  1. check out the amazing mellow minimal set that sven vaeth is playing, starting 1hour 28 minutes into the stream.

  2. Sven Vaith set is out there, i would have loved to be there in Hannover to experience it first hand

  3. i don’t understand …what country this set?.It’s possible to download?

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