This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Dr. J, Said, Alex Paterson of the Orb


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  1. beat – beat – beat – an evergrowing pulsating sound from de-centered cyberspace affecting the queer cyborg souls of the ultraworld–need i say more–lots and lots of love to betalounge and selectas for this gem!

  2. virtuoso’s at work – what a treat.

  3. Killer set.
    Dr. J and Said were great.
    A thrill to hear a live set by Dr Lx Paterson. When’s he coming back to Betalounge.? Especially if he’s not doing a tour for Trikes and Bikes Orb cd.
    Ah, the good ol days of quiet peace and haze.

  4. Alex Paterson set starts at around 2 hours 44 minutes. It is nice indeed.

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