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Staple SF – Simon DK


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  1. Awesome set- so happy and he doesnt bore us with the lame filler tracks.
    This sounds like Simon from DIY. Wish Simon didnt just disappear.
    He had a fierce set up on justice league and groovetech too I think.
    Yeah, its 4 years old, but still so steady!

  2. yeah i agree totally, hes a top DJ, and plays some quality tracks…
    this set is lovely…a lovely groove throughout…

    and he needs to do some more mixes, and stick em up , so if hes listening or anyone knows
    him, tell him to get mixing, and get em on-line…

  3. I always love it when Simon gets going. He’s got to be one of my all time favourites. Strictly 4 groovers!

  4. mmm mmm.. sweet succulent simon.. beats good enough to eat.. funky house makes me want to jump up and down and jig my head back n forth.. this did it.. and all i could think of was simon… sweet sweet simon..

  5. wow i just heard this set today….pretty f\’in good. danced my booty off…now i have no ass left

  6. Awesome Mix Simon\’s ON POINT!

  7. He didn\’t disapear, he has just released a new EP :).
    He played at a friends festival last year, although being Simon he arrived at 3AM after missing his 1AM slot, \”Didn\’t realise it was so far\” :D. I would imagine he also played the DiY party, at the same place, in Cornwall this year.
    Legend, simple as.

  8. Listening to this for the first time in 10 years. Absolutely timeless. This mix had such an influence on my tastes. Glad to hear he\’s still around. Big up, Simon.

  9. Does anyone know the track @ 1.14? “I’ll be there for youuuu”?
    Been after it for too long

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