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DJ Dixon [Sonar Kollektiv / Jazzanova] live at PopKomm2000


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Dixon is one of the founding members of berlin’s sonar kollektiv, a group of djs and producers around the influential german producer team jazzanova. his eclectic taste and the uniquely astonishing location make this set a real gem for the house music lover.


  1. seen dixon at watergate in berlin, this guy knows how to rock a party! one of the better sets on this site for sure, also check jazzanova set on here

  2. can anyone help me find out the name of one of the tracks on this mix, about 22minutes in (i think, i can’t re-listen cos i’m at work), vocals: Am i… what you… hoped for… Am i… what you… need! killer track, gotta have it. HELP!

  3. does anyone know the track about 28-29 min in? kind of jazzy .

  4. It is the Jazzanova remix of a Ski Okenfull track, that you can find on their remixes series released a couple of years ago !


  5. If this isn’t the best mix ever… anyone know what the last track is? – I think a rework of a real oldie (yes, older than 1989, I mean a REAL oldie) – just gotta have it!!

  6. By the way if Dan the man with the van in Japan is reading this, it’s me, the geez with the skis ;o)

  7. eclectic.. like a supreme pizza.. with some pineapple.. and maybe anchovies.. bit not too much mozerella.. no way man.. not too much mozarella..

  8. Dixon weiß um die Bedeutung von deep und was rhythmus ist

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