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Staple SF – Fil, Ulysses, Gemini


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  1. What a Smash… woooooaahhh! Lets just start by saying that Fil should be spreading this love all over the world . (29.29) Seven Years ago, one cant only imagine how amazing fil is today. Put some shit on CD’s brother. Staple was such a hugh part of my life and the dj’s those boys from DC brought to SF will always be remembered deep inside my soul.

  2. Hey does anyone remember when Staple was moved to the 11:11 Lounge on Polk street, w/ Headliner Jeno rocked that cafe till the wee morning . Thats what I call a PARTY. SURE ISNT LIKE THAT ANYMORE… THANKS AGAIN MICHEAL FIL TONY AND JEFF

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