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Desnieles, Jazzanova, Swingsett


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  1. wow, the beginning of this set- the Desnieles part, is fantastic- smooth, funky/trippy house tracks like upbeat 70s porn? The MC said ‘consider him a resident’ well where are his other fullength sets?? Bring him back- he really shouldnt have gotten the boot for Jazzanova who are pretty sleepy in this mix. And swingset is just too, um, well D&B unlistenable (for my tastes anyhow)

  2. one of my favourite sets on betalounge…top of the list have to agree desnieles is what makes this set proper! peace and enjoy!

  3. desnieles had changed his dj name back in 2001, he has been playing as nico palermo ever since and is one of the head honchos of the beta lounge hamburg crew. check the beta lounge soundsystem shows if you wanna hear more of his stuff.

  4. …furthermore there is another nice desniels set in the archives: midem 2000, 26th of january 00…

  5. Times:
    0:00 announce
    0:03 Bollweevil
    0:49 announce
    0:50:25 Desniles
    1:54 announce
    1:55:42 Jazzanova (Claas & Jürgen)
    2:15 arabic mix
    3:18:31 announce
    3:21 Swingsett
    4:05 announce
    4:08 end

  6. this is one of the first sets i listened to on betalounge, i remember always listening to this whenever i was working and is definitely one of my favorite…. this is a definite throwback mix. yep the desnieles mix is the best, steve

  7. So glad this is still sitting out there on the web! Timeless.

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