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Wicked – Jeno, Garth, Markie


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  1. why am i the only one to comment dont tell me nobody has checked this out
    i did and it blew my mind like some window payne Jeno kicks some ruthless shit the whole set and i cant explain garth and markie the best show on beta lounge

    peace from salt lake

  2. This set RULES!

  3. I will agree with that. There is a Maya Angelou dialogue in this set that I email Jeno about and he never got back to me. I would kill for that record. Hot stuff. if anyone knows what it was, email me at

  4. Does any how the artist/title/label of the track that being play at 54mins in to the set. It the track with the vocal about Pardise Garage. Thanks e-mail @

  5. yup that Maya Angelou sampling track is slamming!! anyone know what it is????

  6. I’m 42 minutes into Jeno’s set and have already dubbed this to be one of the best, if not THE best, sets on Beta Lounge. Truly a bold statement less than an hour into a nearly 5 hour set, but the Wicked Crew has got the funk on lock. A set that will make even the most fickle of house connesuers cream. Looking foward to experiencing the other three Wicked get-downs.

  7. hearing this set reminds me of those wicked nights . coz of their spiritual vibes I am spreading the faith in kuwait.. being mixed & brought up in america kuwait and london for a couple of years I’ve never heard anyone come close to jeno or markie at 6:30 as the sun’s coming up … full moon oct.93………………’

  8. Oh my God!!! that shit brings it back, haven’t danced that hard in my bedroom in a long time, feels good. I miss that sound.

  9. Memories!!!!!!!!

  10. long live the old school………hard to find love that feels quite like this these days……….you know that shit that makes even a stuffy promotor get off his ass and actually shake what his mama gave him………one to the love

  11. Timeless Wicked glad I never missed a Los Angeles Wicked party. How lucky i feel to have stubled upon this archived gem, still feels as GOOD today as it did then. No one can take those memories away. I still listen to all my bootleg cassette tapes of good and not so good sound quality of parties me and old friends used to record from our back-packs; remeber those big battery powered tape recorders in elementary school? Best ten bucks I ever spent! Why are Thomas recordings so hard to find, I’ looking for live at Zanzibar (’92 I think) I lost it years ago, one of my all time favorites.Peace
    Jimmy -Dana Point, CA

  12. Hey dooliolah, think I went with you to that Full Moon Party in Oct. 93. Email me sometime. It would be nice to hear from you. luke077@hotmail

  13. Hey. The Maya Angelou track is \”the Poem\” by Delicious Inc. Came out of Purple Music label.

  14. It\’s so hard to find QUALITY house music–always has been–Wicked crew being the exception–thank you Garth for 20+ years of creative release and positive life changes through your music–thank you beta lounge for keeping all these old sets posted–legends rule

  15. Don\’t miss the 20 year reunion Wicked at Mighty SF on April 23. Who knows if we will ever get to hear Jeno, Garth, Markie, and Thomas play the same room ever again?

    I\’ve been praying for this night since the last one at Mezzanine back in what, 2001 or 2002?

    Long live Wicked

  16. Wow, no comments since 2011. i’m sitting in my office preparing income tax returns for my clients and i had this set on in the background, and i could not help but get up and dance to the track starting at 21:50 with the bass slammin so hard from 22:08 all the way to 25:55. you’re not human if that doesn’t make you get up off your ass and shake it. this set is so HARD, i can’t get enough.

  17. I am so happy this set us still up

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