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Derrick Carter


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  1. derrik carter is the man ….the best all around goodtime………anytime is derrik time…….

  2. I’ve been listening to this mix for the past 3 years and it’s always worth coming back to again. This is a great party soundtrack! Thank you Beta crew!

  3. Definately a dope set! Anyone comming to Chicago should stop into Zentra on a Monday night to hear Derrick and Diz rock it.

  4. el maestro del Chicago House, simplemente increíble

  5. This is a dope set- true style – rockin rockin rockin- one of the best on here


  7. a true master piece … this set is deadly.
    I have been learning so much from this mix, glad to see people checking out the oldies section at the Betalounge. check out the doc scott shadow boxing set! if ya wanna be a better dj I encourage you study these mixes. just cause you got the latest tracks means nothing … feast on the structure and theory …


  8. what can you say about Mr. Derrick Carter that has already not been said. A true don. just wicked.

  9. The only man who can play Flat Beat under Terrence Trent D’Arby and get away with it. Viva el Derrick~

  10. this is dope!

    big up to the GURU

  11. like poetry

  12. I always thought I was an atheist just until I realised Derrick is my only and true God. Wicked

  13. does anyone know the name of the track after basement jaxx rende vu (67min)?

  14. DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One time in N.O. he left behind the decks of a four set to piss……on the way back i shook his hand and he grabbed my hand and pulled me across the floor and wouldn’t let go until I was about to explode. Walking away he look back for an enternity still pulling with his ever lasting vibe. A true House entity! DjLeo

  15. i dont know about you guys but who ever this Derek Carter guy is he needs to learn how to mix… hes saved only by the fact that he played Moloko to open his set… come on Derek, be less dorky and mix the tracks!

    just kidding… seriously… just kidding…

    nice work Derek…

  16. it\’s 10 years later and i\’m playing this mix…

  17. Lets be honest–just another house set. Actually this set list is NOT that great and the tech skills are minimal. If you want true tech skills and the ill na na beats, find a good breakbeat set. 4 to the floor is for rookies

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