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DRC and Mark Farina


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  1. This is a classic set by Mark, tight as fox. Mark’s set starts @ 2:35 or so, and unfortunately there is a record skipping problem about an hour in…however, the good thing about that is the second half is as deep and raw and gritty as house music gets. Mark at his finest.

  2. Oh and I’m thinking that this is on 3 decks (?)

  3. anybody got some tracklistings for mark’s set?…..i cant stop listening to it

  4. OK…what the heck is the track at 3h17m30s? WOW! Both that track and the one before it are great!! Mark Farina kicks ass!



  6. 98′ n still the shizzy. When’s betalounge gonna host anotha mark f set???

  7. good question! i heard that his girlfriend won’t let any of his sets be recorded…i guess i understand cuz he plays so many unreleased tracks…but we all love farina sets!!!

  8. It’s too bad he doesn;t still play music like this….he plays 90% cheesy vocal tracks on CD’s anymore instead of the deeeeeep shit he used to.

  9. Heh heh – Mark’s girlfriend doesn’t really have anything to do with this as far as I’ve been aware – it’s that Mark gets things in advance and if a set is recorded then he isn’t as free to play unreleased material. House music is so creative but if some bedroom producer booted a bassline or drum sample from a song that wasn’t out yet then when that song does come out it’s no longer fresh before it’s ever been given a chance. If you are able to get out and go to shows consider this – you get to hear things long before they come out and anticipate the search for that artist’s material – as well as having an experience with a DJ being more creative and relaxed in what he or she can play.

    If any of you are ever interested in getting more of the older live sets come check out the community on Mark’s website:

    Air Farina

    There are lots of great people that are always glad to trade sets or hook the newbies up. This one is legendary (DRC and Farina here on Betalounge) and there are tons more like it out there. I didn’t want to do some plug about another website so just do a search and you’ll find it.

    Hugh Jass

  10. Gotta love the Michael Jackson remix around 2:42. Almost better than the original! The rest is just pure ear candy! Mark, I love you šŸ˜‰

  11. nice! i remember listining to this set (mark’s mainly) close to 5 years ago as a freshman in college. I just had to urge to listen to it again in my office, and it is still here! yesss

  12. Wow, this set never seems to get old. The last 30 minutes are fantastic, and I wish Mark’s sets were still this deep. Now he plays a pop remix like every 3 tracks!

    Anyone know of other sets of similar deep house?

    • try both glenn underground and boo williams, somewhere between 1998 and 2001… each one has 2 mixes, all incredible music!

  13. Damn…I have heard Mark play twice in Seattle in the last year and this set is sooo much deeper in the first 20 minutes then his whole set now. I miss the days of three decks for three hours of deepness!

  14. all these comments on Mark… eh.. yea his good but DRC is where its at!!! oh yea. i remember when this mix came out. DRC is still playing the best variety. if you havent seen her live…well then you dont know…ha.

  15. DRC – House (various)
    (2:02) DJ Perfect – House
    (2:38) Mark Farina – House, funky house

  16. Anybody know the name of the track that skips?

  17. Love you Nicole and all the crew sine 98 straight. I’m so glad you never fell

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