This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Gavin Hardkiss and Charlotte the Baroness


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  1. doesnt work….;(

  2. worked for me. it’s dope!

  3. what do we need for it to work …….mine pops up dnet?…help wanna hear sumstuff i grew up on
    email me at

  4. It does work!
    Definately worth a listen.
    Big up Charlotte the Baroness… tune on the hour mark… check!

  5. so happy to have this back up on the site… such an excellent set!! (I\’ve tried every year or so to pull it up, first success in years!)

  6. Dude, just drop betalounge a line if there\’s a set missing. They always write back and fix stuff fast!

  7. One of THE best sets on here. If you want the TIGHT breaks look no further. Hard to find this old school warehouse style. The local talent first hour or so–then Charlotte the Baroness brings the flavor etc. !!!! Been lovin on this site since the beginning !!!!! Thank you Beta Lounge!

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