This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Remix – Derrick May


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Where it all began! The very first Beta Lounge worldwide broadcast encoded at a stunning 16 Kbit/s bandwidth. So please forgive the bad quality – it was 1996. Remember Netscape?


  1. deflector1

  2. IbYaGurL

  3. nclaydon02

  4. bovineanaljuices

  5. nelis

  6. johnburke

  7. johnburke

  8. OlegarX

  9. cecil250

  10. oval

  11. upasi

  12. As stated above the sound isn’t great but worth a listen in full. Start your Beta Lounge archive listening party off right with the first upload.

  13. I just re-found Beta Lounge this evening and couldn’t be more excited. I used to play entire shows for the myself and other guys in the engineering lab back in 1999. We studied to this for years. So cool to see its back online. Thanks!

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