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Ian Simmonds @ Beta Lounge


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It’s been more than a decade now since Ian Simmonds had his last appearance on the Beta Lounge. After a long self-choosen exile in East Germany, mainly in Jena and the Unstrut-Tal where he lived on a shady old castle, Ian returned to the UK some years ago and now lives back in Brighton. Ian Simmonds aka Juryman started his musical career back in 1992 with the uk band „The Sandals“ and acclaimed several appearances on MTV with his mates. The music of The Sandals is still sort of popular in the UK and nowadays used on the BBC gardening program. After production jobs for the popular 90’s Uk projects Leftfield and Pressure Drop he finally released his first solo LP on the famous SSR Label as Juryman and followed up in 1999 with an LP release on K7 under his real name Ian Simmonds. Later on he founded the Jazz Collective „Wise in Time“ and put out records on Musik Krause.
With new and old music in the box Ian now finally returns to the Beta Lounge to play us a special selection. The picture (taken by myself) shows the artist waving goodbye with a welsh flag pretending to be back soon. 11 years later Beta Lounge is proud to host back on the show

Ian Simmonds aka Juryman aka Wise in Time aka Dark Brother No.1


Find a tiny selection of his large output right here…


new album comin up on pussyfoot records


  1. What beautiful touching and mature music.

  2. Really enjoyed the show earphone on , it’s saturday night relaxing. Thanks Ian! Great Talent

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