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Beta Lounge presents Rendez-Vous with Musique Couture

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This comes out pretty special. Celebraty alert not only on the Dancefloor. People enjoying. A Saturday night in the Beta Lounge…

Beta Lounge presents Rendez-Vous with Musique Couture featuring

Lars Eidinger (Autistic Disco/STUD!O K7)
Tim Bruening (Penner ohne Grenzen DJ-Team)
Bonnie (Musique Couture/in Love With)
& Special Guest

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  1. Dear,
    My name is Lucas Alvarado, I am a chilean composer/performer and Dj based in Lyon.
I would like to present you my project called « Huemul »:
    At his 28 years-old, France based chilean composer Lucas Alvarado, has made already a musical carrer who goes from classical music until South American rhythms and experimental electronic music. 
    Huemul is one of the Lucas Alvarado side projects who started in the lyonnais latin-after parties, as a series of Dj sets named « Ruido#… », who gather a great part of his musical influences and likes, essentially traditional latin american sounds mixed with minimal and house electronics, under a fresh and danceable-ritualic atmosphere.
    It can be difficult to imagine how music as diverse as colombian cumbia with some german minimal electronic, or a sort of techno with psychedelic and world music can sound good and organic together.
More specifically I am proposing: 
An electro-latin party. Huemul invites you to a fresh, mystical and experimental trip discovering the sounds from South America. A 3 hours (or +) Dj set which starts from the most traditional afro-latin rhythms born in the Amazon Jungle mixed with psychedelic sound until the most electronic genres like world-bass, nu-cumbia and ethno-house from Andes mountains combined with his own ambient sounds, where the cumbia in its different forms, takes the center of the dancing night. 
I will be in Netherlands from 8th to 18th april for some musical projects and I am looking for good venues to perform in Hamburg between 19th and 22th. I think the Beta Lounge can be the perfect kind of place who I really would like to collaborate with my Dj set
you can listen to my sets on my soundcloud:
    Set ElectroWorld:
    Set Minimal-Ethno-House: 
    Set NuCumbia-AndeanChill-TropicalBass:
Also I invite you to visit to my website:
I really would like to have some feedback from you and I am looking forward to meet you all.
I hope that you like my proposition.


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