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Pingipung @ Beta Lounge


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Line Up on the night:

Andi Otto & Love-Songs (live)

Marco Costanza (DJ)
Mme Bing & Heiko Gogolin (DJ)

Endlich wieder Pingipung in der Beta Lounge. Release der neuen Single von Andi Otto (ehemals Springintgut). Zu diesem Anlass spielte Otto gemeinsam mit der Krautelektronik-Sensation Love-Songs einmalig ein gemeinsames Konzert. Davor Heiko Gogolin. Danach Marco Costanza & Mme Bing.

Andi Otto:


Marco Costanza:

Mme Bing:

Heiko Gogolin:

Photos bei Robin Hinsch & Beta Lounge

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  1. Very nice mix!

    Does anyone now ther jazzy track at 49 min?

  2. Thanks! It’s Finis Africae with “Los pobres del mundo tocan el bombo”

  3. As always, so tight! Thanks for sharing!

    If anyone has track ID at 2h 41m, it’d be so very appreciated!

    With love,


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