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Take a Disco


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Coming out of Darmstadt “Take a Disco” Collective consisting out of Claude Kaiser, Christian Beetz & Julius Singer has established a real own Groove for their Party Nights. Their sounds and guests feature a wide musical spectrum between Boogie, NYC-House and Cosmic Beats. It’s their second appearance on Beta Lounge and won’t be their last!

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  1. Hope you guys get to finish the archives soon and make it all downloadable content.what other mechandise are you planning on selling?what is your address-I would love to come and visit.brandon here in wales

  2. is there betalounge shirts to buy? and can any of these mixes be bought on CD? please contact me at
    or feel free to call me, scott 617-501-3160…..I live in boston *nightmare* but called SF home for about 3 years, dying to move back there, should I rent a room at a hotel in the tenderloin?

  3. I can’t believe you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

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