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Beta Lounge feat Digital Norman & Tomppu aka BIOS (Saturate records)


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As the host and author of the show Sounds Outta Range on ByteFM, Digital Norman is constantly in search of the funk in all its incarnations. A couple of years ago he stumbled across the Scandinavian synth funk genre Skweee and has been hooked on its quirky funkiness ever since, which eventually led to the semi-regular club night “Have A Nice Skweeevening” at the Golden Pudel Club, featuring live performances by the Skweee genre’s protagonists and DJ sets by Norman and his partner in crime Andi Otto.

BIOS is a DJ and producer coming from a very musical background. He studied low end theory in years of self-experimentation on infrasonic systems which led to being a part of the mysterious Liquid Rockz and the invention of gazillions of genres – just to forget about them the next day! And if thats not enough he founded Saturaterecords in 2010 and since then nothing is the same anymore – the laws of physics have been reversed.

Together, Digital Norman & BIOS bring a multitempo, multigenre DJ set of bleepy, freaky, glitchy and funky sounds that make your body itch and twitch so much you cannot help but shake what yo momma gave ya.

Saturate Records

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