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VINCENZO (Teardrop / Dessous)

Vincenzo_1 Vincenzo_2 Vincenzo_3



  1. if ya like the old Vincenzo, you’ll like the new!!! Thank you, again. Great set.

  2. Excellent!!!

    playlist pretty please…….?

  3. awesome, nothing has changed… šŸ™‚

  4. the set starting at 02:26 is magical.

  5. why took you so long (1hr 26min) to go more dancing like stuff. the beginnign itĀ“s not for Djs is it?

  6. I mean the track at 1hr and 26min is great!!!! hard to maintain it like that the whole set. there has to be some variation I agree.

  7. Awesome mix !! Great job !

  8. fantastic! I’ve been listening to this set at least 20 times and will certainly go on…

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