This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

DEAR Special


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ACHIM MAERZ (Dérive / Freund der Familie / Fine Art Recordings)
ELIN (Dear)
DJ CLAP (Dear)


  1. I agree very nice and classy selection. Thanks Beta….

  2. stream always stops at 02:41 min

  3. Loving the beats!

    Please can you ask the dear people from DEAR for a playlist?

    BetaLounge still going strong after so many years….


  4. Okay, lets see how far I can go…

    Brian Bennett – Solstice
    Declaime – Whole Wide World
    Dabrye feat Dilla & Phat Cat – Game Over
    Nosaj Thing (from the album “Drift”)
    Arp101 (from his last EP on Eglo)
    Andrés (from his last EP)
    213 (from the LP “The Hard Way”)
    Onra – Long Distance (Instr) (from his LP “Long Distance”)
    Rising Sun – Lift Up Your Faces (Fauxpas)
    Mark E – Call Me (Merck)
    Move D – Your Personal Healer (Uzuri)
    Ricardo Miranda – Urbanism
    Omar S (from his LP on ScionAV)
    Tin Man – Falling Acid (Keys Of Life)
    Four Tet – Locked (Text)
    Closer Musik – Maria (Kompakt)
    Addison Groove – Footcrab (Swamp)
    Versalife (from their EP on Clone Westcoast Series)
    Cybotron – Clear
    Jamie Jupitor – Computer Power
    Versalife (from their EP on Clone Westcoast Series)
    Mr Oizo – Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog

    I have to leave 🙂

  5. super formatierung 🙂

  6. hellooooooooo-love it-u guys are great,godbless,put your site on my
    hope thats ok.keep it real smooth and sweet.xxxxxxxx
    would love u guys to play at my wedding.xcan u guys play too?my name@www……………com

  7. very good to listen to.

    thanks fro sharing


  8. Best.gooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  9. hi leute,
    schönes set … danke.
    was ist das für ein lustiges gesabbel über photoshop und QXP irgendwo bei 2 h?


  10. What is the track at ~1:50:00! Wow! What a great song..


  11. The track is more around 1:51:00. Ooops! Please! I have to know what this is…


  12. 1:51 h is Recloose – Saturday Night Manifesto EP the track a1 electric sunshine, released at one of the best labels on our planet at the moment, rush hour recordings (rh035) ! Thanks Dear, thx BetaLounge ! alles Gute aus Bayern ! alex !

  13. Thank you Pretty Park! You are the greatest!


  14. betalounge is the greatest ,-P
    *schleim, schleim* lol
    you are welcome, oval

  15. what happened to this one? it doesnt play anymore and it’s one of my favorites…oh no! 🙁

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