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Pingipung Label Special


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Sven Kacirek (live)
Taprikk Sweezee (live)
Springintgut (DJ)
Heiko H. Gogolin


  1. supergut, love it very much… – ambient, space music, different styles, the way i like – thanks pingipung and nice summerbreak betalounge ! take it further !

  2. dude, about time things got diversified. i was getting sick of 4-on-the-floor, and my glowsticks are all worn out.


  3. whats the name of the track starting around 20:00 ( percussive)? Thanks!

  4. Hey,
    nice label special.
    What is the name of the first track? It’s amazing.


  5. coool. thoroughly enjoyable.

    track list would be great.

    1st and 2nd tracks are???

    sorry to be greedy, track at 1hr 10min as well.

    long live betalounge x

  6. Hey Everybody,
    Sorry for replying so late!

    Karmafritz: It’s “128-05” by Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit

    GreenKitchen: It’s “Chimacum Rain” by Linda Perhacs

    andrewhamilton: Sorry, there won’t be no tracklist available for this one, cause the whole set is nearly five hours long 😉

    But I can help you with the IDs: The first one is “Chimacum Rain” by Linda Perhacs, the second one is “Just Another Diamond Day” by Vashti Bunyan, the one starting at 1h10 is “Fix it” by Psapp.


  7. Awesome set, listening to it perhaps for the 50th time already haha.

    What is track three please??


  8. amazing set.

  9. absolutely fabulous set. Analogue, warm, wide-ranging .. feels like you’re taken on a tour across the world, visiting a string of intimate, cosmopolitan night clubs in New york, Kinshasa, Persia, france, germany, latin america ..

  10. Thank you!

  11. @xplice: It’s Bjørn Torske with “Bryggesjau”

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