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Liebe*Detail feat. Kink, Meta.83, Eurokai


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  1. WTF song is sampled on the first tune? please help me!

  2. regarding plantgrower1975 question the first song sample is taken from the korgis song entitled “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” hope this helps

  3. In addition to my last answer it is actually 10CC I’m not in love, that is the song sample from the first track.

  4. Anyone know the song that starts at 1 hour 45 min? Sounds like vocal is “give me rain”

  5. really beautiful track starting at 1h 00min.
    does anybody has an idea? thank you 😉

  6. minimal_5 thank you so much!
    If you ever come to Tenerife let me know, I´ll buy you a beer and give you some homegrown 🙂

  7. at 02:44?…someone? thx!

  8. @ jalou
    song at 1h 45min is Love Unlimited Vibes – Untitled from Love Unlimited Vibes (luv001), it begins at 1:41:00, great record, worth to listen and buy

    Good music in here, love the first two hours, especially the first one… bye, bye

  9. 2H00 Starting is fantastic!

  10. by the way first track is Love Unlimited Vibes again, its the second one with side A, great label and thanks to liebe*detail for a perfect copy of the, hope there will come more releases, ahb18r ,-)

    at laplastique – record at 2.00 hour is double standard 006 with double hill / wanna get ep / purple hills an amazing record for me, maybe my fav. for this year but there is coming a lot of good music out, god thank you, right after that is moodymann with i can´t kick this feeling when it hits. And you are right, if i hear this more i am loving it more and more, great show.

    Where is the Hamburg Soul Alldayer Show this year? Have heard it a lot this day.

    And please let us know if the end of the year bash happens this year? I will be there, have a 6 week vacation till january 🙂

    Keep it up the good work, bye, bye

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