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Losoul, Christian Weber & Rike


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Losoul (playhouse)
Christian Weber & Rike (NHFTVOS)



  1. Love it. Great deep house vibe. Got me excited to go out AND mitigated the unsavoriness of work. Bravo.

  2. Heissa, dieses Set lässt mich während dem letzten drittel zunehmend abheben! Ohne Drogen. Da sind tracks, wo ich glaube, dass der MC Musictapes mit selbstgemachten mooves, flows, sequences, einspielte. GENIAL. Könnte es sein, dass gg. Ende Ihr zu zweit Live gespielt habt? (like a DJ-battle under good vibes?)

    ——— }:-o

    Yeah, the last thirth let me fly away without drugs! I’m believing that MC has mix some selfmade Musictapes with electronical pieces, mooves, soundcarpets into the standing Set. GENIOUS !

    Is it possible, that you has play with a friend a nicely Mix of
    SHACK-HOUSE together Live?

  3. Awesome set! anyone know the name of the 1st track?
    Thanks BL!

  4. very relaxing, thx…

  5. ab 2:43:10 ^v^

  6. Amazing track at ~40 minutes! Does anyone know what this is??


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