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Dairmount & Berardi


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DAIRMOUNT & BERARDI (Room with a View)


  1. Wow! What is the first track??


  2. I have to say, I am shocked no one has commented on this set of music! This is one of my favorites on Betalounge and I have listened since ~1997.

    I hope people are listening and are just unable to type because the music is so good!

    Thanks DAIRMOUNT and BERARDI (Room with a View). Going to check out your label now…


  3. @OVAL… meanwhile i think you know the very first track, but i want to comment about this too and the whole set, itĀ“s really beautiful, i just found out by several hearings…
    the track you are searching for is from “Marcel feat. Balage – On The Beach (Mole Listenings Pearls 1999)… it is on the “Bar Lounge Classics – Volume One” Compilation too… a Compilation with i think the most and best Downbeat and Ambient Tracks you will select…
    Thanks for this great mix and all the best from the South, keep pushing!…

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