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DEAR Special feat. Iron Curtis, Baaz, DJ Clap


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IRON CURTIS (Morris Audio, Mirau, Mule / Berlin)
BAAZ (Quintessentials, STHLM, Elevate, Deep Vibes / Berlin)
DJ CLAP (Dear / HH)


  1. great great music!
    Big respect from Russia to DEAR Special / Iron Curtis / Baaz / DJ Clap

  2. dj clap is kool! (if he is the last one)

  3. Can anyone please help me with the track @ 2h50m? Loving it….

    Thank you!!

  4. 2:39 love it!

  5. hallo ihr lieben šŸ™‚
    ich such auch ne platte…
    und zwar die bei 1:48 h

  6. what is the last song playing?! i’ve heard this many times in the past and love it… tho, i’ve never known what it is. so elusive!

  7. Track ID at 1:47.. / 1:48 …anyone? please!

  8. @schanzenklaus: its 8 doogymoto. one of their epĀ“s on soundslike, forgot the name.

  9. ano nee, are wa nan desu ka? ‘gohan o tabetae’ thang at 2:38? catchy cool -mugabe, listener since ’99, ah yeah

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