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Thier Special: Muntermonika, Daniel Bregulla, Tobias Duffner


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  1. Said it out! Keep the fire´s burning! ssss…ssss.uuuuhhhh! Said, sss, sss, Said it out! Uh, yeah, baby! Nice rhythms! Shake your booty and dance!

    An institution of music w/p great artists! Thanks really for all the eargasmics!


  2. What a relaxed and lovely set! So perfect, and the mood was so consistent. Thank you for doing what you do.

    Those dub techno tracks early on were nice.

    If anyone has any clues of track IDs that’d be lovely!

    45 min * ‘they can see no wrong…’
    48 min
    1 hr 36 min
    2 hr

    Peace and love,


  3. 01:01:00 Hour is a new production from Frivolous at Cadenza Records.

    00:48:00 Sven Weisemann played it at the beginning, too. But i don´t know it.

    There are really lovely atmospheric, melodic tunes in it!!!

  4. Hi,
    beautiful set. Cant stop listenig 😉
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    …stay wild

    p.s. 1h 36 ?

  5. 45 min is “The Pussy Shepherd” from GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS

    loving this great mix !!!

  6. oh my. this is hawwwwwt

  7. nice 🙂

  8. helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(%)

  9. really good set. at 02h 03 makes some kinda hipnotic, freaky and mysterious ambient, just like Lynch films do…makes me feel strange, but great! special feeling :))))). thank’s for the music.

  10. This set is fantastic!
    Track ID @ 1:18 bitte?

  11. Awesome set!!!
    Can anyone spot the deep house track dropping in @ 3:50?

  12. fuckincredibrilliantastic!

  13. 3:50 is: house of house – rushing to paradise…

  14. Thanx fxpsmsk!!!!!
    Hope to see everyone in Detroit next month

  15. 47:00:00 & 1:59:00 / Daniel Stefanik – In days of old pt. 1 / Kann Records (kann005)

  16. and the next one at 2:16:00 Audio Werner – meanwhile 2xlp (hartchef discos/hc017)

    i am not searching explicit to the tracks, i found it just by hearing some records i wanna buy myself ,-)

    E N J O Y!


  17. To begin dream-flowerhouse, and than… RABADABUM von 3h ago Süper-Hypno-pumpkin-Junk… sorry. It need a new word! 3h49 ago… This Hypno-House smash me up n’ down. Bravo

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