This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Rüftata 110, Booty Carrell


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RÜFTATA 110 (Pudel Produkte / MFOC)
BOOTY CARRELL (Groove City / Pudel)


  1. full of feeling, really nice

  2. 4:28:50 WOW – what a nice track! Any hints for me…? 🙂

    Peace from Graz,

  3. Eclectic. Great afternoon vibes.

    Searching for track ID at:

    1 hr 34 min
    2 hr 31 min
    2 hr 34 min

    Many thanks as always. Big ups to the betalounge folks for the consistent quality.


  4. 4:28:50 Top Drawer – Song of a Sinner

    Wow, super rare record and what a fantastic track…!!

    Peace from Graz,

  5. a track from La Planete Sauvage – nice nice 🙂

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