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CLICK Special: Mike Shannon, Harre


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Mike Shannon (Plus 8, Cynosure, Wagon Repair / Berlin)
Harre (Click / HH)


  1. -420-in-taiwan

  2. I really was looking forward to this set…but I would have to say that either no monitor or headsets were used or someone really fucked up was mixing! Practically every mix is a train wreck! It is sad because the music is so good!

    Too bad,


  3. Disregard the previous message. My real player had two separate sources of music playing at the same time. My bad! Love the music as always.


  4. nice one again!!!!
    my friends!!!
    one question, how can I do, to be heard here, I mean a session of my own????
    thanks again!!!

  5. Great set! great trax!

    deep deep deep inside…

    i love it.


  6. Enjoyed the music. It was great to be back in Hamburg and the Betalounge is one of the things I miss the most. Easter weekend in Hamburg, Beta beats, cold beer and tequlia shots and summer like weather..Perfect.
    -man who says: no snow no show..

  7. Best mix I’ve heard in a long long time. If you like dark, twisted, tribal, deep, techy beats, this is for you.

  8. nice set!
    does anymone know the track at 1:15 ?

  9. finaly worked out how to stream the beta lounge on my phone. Sweet! Poxy proxy settings! Beta beats and mobile treats. Nice.

  10. Shout-out to Mike Shannon from Montreal !!!

  11. wicked set,thanks betalounge for existing šŸ™‚
    hey biltricks, how do you set the proxys? i had no idea you could and would be super rad. thanks from the south of southamerica (on the left side)

  12. this set + zelda = magic.

  13. does anyone know the track at 3:40 ?????

  14. Ehhh….I love it. Just flowing. Deep relax.
    Betalounge! More music like this, plizzzzzz!!!!

  15. Great track from 29.30 tot 38.00! All thumbs up dude!

  16. track @ 39:00 min … off the hook! does anyone know it?!

  17. is it a nice view up there on your horse oval?

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