This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Gebrüder Teichmann & Daughter Erben


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  1. very chilled. love it. please can you post a tracklisting.

  2. awesome… very nice flavor

  3. Hey Ho Teichmanns!

    The track at 04:06:00?

    Bussis nach Hamburg.

  4. what a great spooky track at about 00:43:30…

  5. to martinag:

    at around 43.30 starts ‘young ones’ from leila, the album is her actual one ‘blood looms and blooms’, released on warp.
    a great album, a great artist, check it out!


  6. to daughter: thanks a lot! leila and you have a new fan…


  7. daughter!
    at 25 thee is this superbe track by…? turtoise, is that correct? ain’t hear that one in 15 years or so. SU-PERB! thanks for some great music…

  8. sorry, forgot to ask, what’s the name of the turtoise track? at 33, mum? then Lisa Nordenstam.
    Daughter you are my music sister!

  9. This set is kick ass! Pretty unique stuff from the get. Im at 1:45 and its still rockin!

  10. great great set love it

  11. great set can anyona tell me what’s the first track ?


  12. To Bastien:The Tortoise Track at min 25 is titled “Ten Day Intervall”, at 33 is a Track by Múm called “Don’t be afraid..”

    To JoshuaF: First Track is by wonderful Lusine, called “A Day Apart”

    all the best,

  13. where is that awesome tune coming from at 49?
    PLEASE tell me, dying to hear more…

    btw-great set daughter, very laid back yet with a disturbingly delicious flavour of experimental / noisy influences… just my blend.

  14. just went for a dig and…

    Leila – To Win Her Love
    Album: Courtesy Of Choice (2000)

    sorry for bothering 🙂

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