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Matthias Meyer & Patlac / Canson


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MATTHIAS MEYER & PATLAC (liebe*detail)
CANSON (GS/ Eminor/ Handheld/Sub Static /CH)
eurokai (liebe*detail)


  1. what is the track at 1:24?

  2. Gracias! you saved my day.
    track ID for 4:32:30 please (timbaland re-sample? \”habla con la luna habla con la playa\”)
    saludos de madrid

  3. Tip Top!

  4. thank you very much. the track around 4:32 is called M Unknown – Mes (RAL 2004). i think its michael cleis. cheers matthias

  5. the track at 1:24 is artist unknown – baracuba (laposer 1)

  6. great set!
    what is the track at 2:20 ?

  7. hm i dont know. this is the 2nd last track of canons live set.

  8. Brilliant, as always! Very beautiful set. Any possibility of a tracklist?? Would be much appreciated by many, I\’m sure. Thank you!

  9. I absolutely love the track playing at 3hrs31m, please can anyone help me identify it?

    Great set, thanks again to BetaLoungeand the artists!

  10. excellent as usual
    thx betalounge

  11. Can anyone identify the track around 1:28:00 with the mystical female vocals? Thank you!

  12. canson… feels like the dachkantine is in my living room!

  13. yo hairy1 be back up all into it y\’all, aftah mos unplezent stay at home for da over-buzzed, but now jes black cafe au lait fo hairy1 and bone chillin\’ wit da BETA LOUNGE crew…still kickin\’ it aftah so long…girlfren still around, she wait fo hairy1 like good woman should..dis stuff is far deep, dippin it up trippin, yet mellow like a fine Merlot…

  14. the track is : Sis – Nesrib – Cécille Records

  15. whats the tack on an hour and a half?

  16. The beginning is a magic…what a wonderfull ambient! great mix! great music. what is the track at ca. 00:14:00? that makes me feel really high…

  17. Track @ 32min is a radiohead rmx but what is it?please tell me

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