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Mike Huckaby


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  1. Thanks Mike (o: So many wonderful little floaty sweet spots in here, mmmmm… and I\’m only up to 27:00

  2. These beats make me hungry dog!!!!! 😉

  3. goddamn!!it\’s what I got to say.Makes me remember why detroit techno is the SHIT!!!!blaze 1 up and punmp this in your system

  4. i have heard him last saturday in munich and this one is wonderful to remember. If you have ever the chance to hear him, take it…

  5. Mike took me under his wing one day at Record Time and introduced me to Detroit House. It was a very special gesture and his passion rubbed off on me tremendously. I just have to thank the person who introduced me to Theo Parrish, D Wynn and the deep soul of Detroit. Thank you and of course awesome show!

  6. great set..reminds me of late nights at the fuse, brussels!

  7. great set for spinning around the room with a dry martini in the right hand, gently spilling it over your friends as the dance picks up. thanks betalounge, you guys did it again.

  8. Huck is one of the most underrated DJ\’s in Detroit. He\’s one of the most consistent DJ\’s around and plays impeccable music. Plus, he\’s as technically sound as you can be. The best example of that is when he used to play at 3 Floors of Fun in Detroit for years without a monitor and wouldn\’t miss a beat.

    Anyway, this mix is an essential Mike Huckaby mix. Fantastic.

  9. anyone know the track that comes in at approx 28 mins 53 secs? Goosebumps track. Brilliant

  10. Tim: That\’s the fantastic \”Live\” goes on by Sound stream … awesome track

  11. MIKE what good i havent seen u in years..Im here in the A!…I remember like it was yesterday @ RECORD TIME..just diggin in the crates for the best vibez…me( JAY THE ICON.. A.K.A DJ ICON\’ BRIAN GALLESPIE\’ DJ HOUSE SHOES\’ DJ GODFATHER!everyone who worked the dance room ….what up doe!…….love this shit mike…..DETROIT WHAT!

  12. Duffbeers: Thx a lot for the trackname, it´s a really hypnotic mix at that time

  13. WOW! Loving it here in Tenerife with some lovely homegrown…

  14. Thx for mike´s hugs to be!

  15. sick progression of beats

  16. Duffbeers, you\’re a star!! Thanks my friend.

  17. that mix is class, Thanks

  18. Great set! Mike always drops a nice set. I miss having him at Record time making recommendations.

    Chris from Pittsburgh.

  19. Mike Huckaby Beta lounge Saturday, November 8, 2008

    Tracklisting :

    1. Expanded Dimension.s – Oweyi – ( Anthony Nicholson )
    2. Ron Trent – Look Beyond – FVR Records
    3. Soul Creation – Nia\’s Spiritual Journey – 83 West Records
    4. Move D – Cube Ep – Running Back Records
    5. Soundstream – Live Goes On – Soundstream
    6. Warp Dub Sound System – God Said – Prescription
    7. Louie Vega – Miami Beach – Vega Records
    8. Kerri Chandler – Heal My Heart – King Street Records
    9. Dennis Ferrer – Ghetto Discotek Building – Madhouse Records
    10. Rocco – Someday – Real Tone Records
    11. Kerri Chandler – TSIY – White Label
    12. Boobjazz – Midnight Ceremony – Dance Wicked Records
    13. The Untouchables – Something Bugged – Strictly Rhythm Records
    14. Bang The Party – Your Mine – Warriors Dance Records
    15. Fingers Inc – Distant Planet – Jack Trax

  20. BARFLY-here

  21. ohhhhhh word ???

  22. This is what I call an absolutely amazing seemless set to vibe to! 10/10

  23. like taking a bath in cloud city.

  24. What an unbelievable mix. Quite possibly one of the best deep house/tech mixes that I have ever heard.

    I get to see him play this Saturday in Cleveland, OH, USA. I am more than excited. MH is so vastly underrated, it is almost criminal.

  25. Thank you!

  26. Dope set , full of gems , hey no surprise , its miky huckaby sir 🙂

  27. One of the smoother sets on beta lounge. Detroit pride in effect.

  28. Does anyone know the track at 1.21?

  29. Rest In Power! 🙁

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