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Todd Terje


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  1. very cool chill set Peace from holland

  2. I\’d love to see a set list whenever you get a chance. The track at 40 minutes is awesome!

    Cheers-great set!

  3. Great great great set, so far. What track is starting @ 8 minutes 40 seconds? Anyone? Thanks!!!

  4. Anybody have a tracklist for this set? Looking for the name of the funk song that starts around 58mins. \”Gotta Level With Me\”

  5. What´s the name of the secind track? Free as a willow? i think i got the song, but don´t know how to find it in my vinyls. THX

  6. lovin\’ the riffs soon after 53:00 … this isn\’t helping me concentrate on my work! hahah

  7. Wow, the first track really blows:

    The Undisputed Truth – Sandman

    Thank you Todd Terje for this great set! 🙂

    Peace from Graz,

  8. whom is the edit of the Chic\’s \’I feel your love commin on\’?

    nice set

  9. I can no stop to listen it!!!

    at 1:00 around.

    Chics\’ edit please!!!

  10. xabi,

    the record you\’re after is;

    Morten Sorensen – Start Something EP (Tirk)

  11. Thank YOU papa!!!!!

  12. Anyone know the the 3rd track at around 8.40…please…need it

  13. Perfect set!

  14. 38:15 – LAUGHING LIGHT OF PLENTY – The Rose – Whatever We Want

  15. 3:35 – Willow Band, The – Willowman – EPIC

  16. 52:18 – First Choice – Love Thang

  17. @Over659: thanks for the track id\’s! 🙂

  18. Yep, Sandman is really awful, and I love every minute of it! \”Makin\’ new frieeeennnddss……\”

    Is that Nina Hagen at 48:00? Could someone post what is the name of that song?

    Todd, awesome set. Looking forward to your next set on BL….


  19. How come you guys don’t post tracklists? Pretty unprofessional…

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