This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Trus’me, Audision


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  1. Hey, where has my comment gone? Censorship here?
    I repeat: who needs the Brit-Hype-Boy that listended to his parents\’ record collection far too much when there is the great Frankfurt-Hamburg-project Audision with up-to-date electronic sounds?
    Listen from around 1:45!

  2. fairly useless comment

  3. i need it! fanastic set.

  4. Hi there- new and know nothing… holy shit how to get music on thlîs plattform?

  5. @lungerein:
    You need the realplayer to hear the show. Some off the shows are off, but its desribed, if they are off. Otherwise write an e-mail to BL…

    Have fun with this great site…

  6. i like it!!!!
    tasty sounds.

  7. For me the best part of the show is the second part!
    Real Deep House Music!

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