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I Feel This Crew


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Constantin Groll



  1. Got My Betalounge Back! So nice.

  2. best set in awhile if you like stuff to just groove to…

  3. Yum. I felt it.

    Looking for Track IDs @:

    1 hr 15 min
    2hr 45 min *
    3hr 16 min
    3hr 31 min *

    Many thanks.


  4. sers lucky

  5. Servus Galli.

    An: I Feel This Crew *Supi – mehr davon! bidde

  6. Hey Steven

    1:15 – Blackbelt Andersen – Flott Flyt – Full Pupp ( either original or Prins Thomas remix –
    not 100% sure – Larris played that one )

    2:45 new Fabrice Lig – b2 – Versatile ( ver058 )

    3:16 it’s a track from E.S.T. ( Esbjörn Svensson Trio ) live in Hamburg. i don’t know the
    title but Vaddex should be able to help since he dropped the tune.

    3:31 again some rare Vaddex classic 😉

  7. Contstantin,

    Big thanks. Hopefully I can get in touch with Vaddex to find out those last two.



  8. 3:31 might be swahililand by ahmad jamal

    cheers ps

  9. Still and always the coolest mix on the betalounge… But I’m still missing the old mix (boozoo bazoo, constantion groll…)

  10. Anyone know the track @ 0:28:55?

    Still the best, keep it up!

  11. Hey Papa76
    that\’s Chateau Flight – Superflight ( Maurice Fulton remix ) – Versatile

    also availabel on CD

  12. sorry to bug …


    Loving it.

    Thanks for the mix.

  13. Love the very first track, anyone knows what it is?

  14. @disco-dez: that track was actually a world-premiere. directly from the production desk of the mysterious Glossy Edits crew ( ). 😉 sorry, i therefore don\’t no the title or anything but it\’s probably going to be the next Glossy Edit release.

    @mobiquid: Lullabies in the dark – Song for Marie and Elise – Permanent Vacation

    btw: I FEEL THIS will host a Permanent Vacation label night June 7th @ Baalsaal , Reeperbahn 25, Hamburg

    thanks for all the nice comments folks!

  15. lol Thanks Constantin

    It sounds very mysterious 😉

  16. What is the track at 9 min 55 sec? Thanks.

  17. @jschreiner
    LCD Soundsystem. From the 45:33 album

  18. what a lovely mix

  19. Thanks Larris. Superb mix guys.

  20. Such a fuggin lovely mix. Sitting here finishing grad school work and these tunes have the 2000 words required from my prof spilling onto the page. Thank you -I Feel This- for the grooves and smiles on an otherwise stressfull afternoon. PEACE!

  21. @Bud_Luster

    … I\’m relieved someone has finally articulated the miraculous connection between a Constantin Groll DJ set and ‘word speed’. I’ve been using Constantin’s sets for years to lift my work productivity and word formulation abilities :-p

  22. I type away at a tremendous speed

  23. Keep coming back to this and finding new treasures.

    Anyone happen to know the track kicking off @ 1:34:05?


  24. got it, it\’s:

    FORCE OF NATURE – I-Ight (Mule Musiq Japan)

  25. hey papa
    yes, that\’s the one. sorry, saw your request too late

  26. Thanks for the info constantin 🙂

  27. hi
    this was an incredible disc…got me forgetting that I was working and so I went on and on and restarted this disc 3 times…

    I really felt this crew

  28. am at 1 hrs 57.

    and i like it.
    very much indeed.
    feels like it is getting better track by track.
    nice job.



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