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Tensnake [live], Matt Moroder


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TENSNAKE (Mirau) (live) MATT MORODER (Mikrodizko)

Mirau Music


  1. A happy big crash against synthesizers and rhythms! 😉 Ud.No! | Downtempo & Jazzy Beats |

  2. saved my day

  3. listening to it for i don`t know which time,i will survive one lonely christmas!reguards,people!thanx!

  4. Thanks for the early holiday present! Just like your sets from the past this work is amazing and presents a smooth jive that makes you wanna move. Does anyone have a track ID at 3:59:00? Happy holidays to all!

  5. this set is tits. what’s the track at 4:55? what happend?

  6. love this mix, cant stop nodding, whats the track 51:40 excellent mix

  7. yep, great set!!! Playlist would be nice.

  8. SUPERB!Great pace and disposition…

  9. ullery, the track at 4:55 is “what happened” by Abe Duque on Abe Duque Records. It’s been out for a few years now. best, chris

  10. 3:52 onward particularly great techno groove. Love it!!

  11. my favourite mix currently thanx guys!! jar (just another robot) _-_—–____–__-_

  12. basement octave

  13. Anyone got an ID for around 3:09? Thx, jellies

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