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Beta Lounge feat Tobias Thomas & Tobias Schmid


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Tobias Thomas (Kompakt/Cologne)

Tobias Schmid (&nd, Tanzhalle/HH)

Tobias Thomas
Kompakt Köln
Tobias Schmid


  1. i love tobias thomas. cant wait to hear this. great work betalounge!

  2. a wunderbares set! danke tooo tNt – almeyda die weißwurscht

  3. Great SET, wow nuff respect new website yall peep it ,features my artwork,

  4. Very cool, very cool ! Welldone

  5. Great set, thanks BetaLounge and the two Tobiases! Can anyone tell me what the very first track is called? PS. I would love to come into a BetaLounge comments field one day and NOT see that fukupayme crap. Please stop. Buy a banner ad on the site or something. It’s spam.

  6. Artist is: Jusutus Köhncke. But i don’t know the name of title

  7. The title of the Justus Köhncke track is ‘New Day’.

  8. Thanks to moaner and gardencity for the trackID, much appreciated! 🙂

  9. Thank you to T & T. Why couldn’t you play for longer? Anyone have Track ID @ 1 hr 17 min ? Much love, _S // //

  10. intense flashback 83 to a holiday inn in south side chicago…..T & T!!! justus, needs to go north! his worst track ever…down down with timecode!

  11. justus kohncke “new day” is a cover of round two (deep house classic from maurizio/basic channel guys)… other things i recognise – ame “fiori”, koze remix of matthew dear, john daly on plak, pet shop boys, superpitcher “heroin”, a notwist remix.. tracklist would be ace…

  12. when is the releasedate of this ? or where i can find this release ? anyone have more infos about it ? thx stefanos

  13. have everyone this track as mp3 and can upload it ? or record from vinyl ? thx

  14. anyone know the second track? ..soo nice.

  15. Ihr seid die Größten! Jipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Der Hubschrauber

  16. la vie de ma mère! ich dreh durch!

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